24 July 2009

New Look Blog!!!

Well I made the header earlier today, because I had been thinking that I haven't really been doing anything for Sun Rise Jewellery (I do so much other stuff now), as I am totally addicted to Glass now and it has taken over my life. So not much time to make jewellery you know! hehe.
Anyways, hope you like it... thought it was a funny title too :-p

I'm in the process of doing an all night-er as we leave tomorrow to stay with family and then am doing this fair, I am gunna fill my kiln!!! and i'm not going to bed til its full!!! NO WAY!!!! I'm feeling good at the mo, and i'm good to keep going!!! and I'm totally hooked on Frit Happens, because everyone is being lovely and helping with my silver glass predicament... I bought some Reichenbach Silver Brown which is this horrible colour brown glass which when reduced it gives absolutly stunning bright blues and purples!!!

I made this set last night and they have been in etching solution, I am going to make them in to a bracelet and a pendant to go on a chain for my mums cousins birthday. We are going to the party after the fair!! can't wait... I bought a dress a while ago (which I probably shouldn't of bought, but I love it!) and haven't had any time to wear it so that is exciting! anyway, my kiln isn't full yet so must get back to it... wish me luck, its gunna be a loooooooonnnnnng night !!!

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