15 May 2009

What I've been up to...

Right, well where do I start.. I've been a little quiet really on every front... I have been off work for a week with a pretty bad back.... and as a waitress ... having a bad back pretty much rights you off!!! I went back today did a 5 hour shift and its was ok... just can't afford to have any more time off!!! I'm saving up for a kiln, I'm taking this bead making very seriously cuz I enjoy it so so so so much, and I seem to be getting some where with it... So I tried to use my time off work wisely. I have set up a website for my beads which you can check out here. I have also set up an Etsy Store for my beads which you can view here. If you would like to see up to date pictures of what I have been making also you can look here at my flickr album. I spent two day "practicing" making straight lines with glass on my beads.... if I'm being honest it got better but not consistent by any means!!!! So that was a it disheartening BUT... the next day... when I thought I should stick to what i know I'm good at... to save up for that kiln!!!! This lovely bead set came out!!!!I am so so proud of this set... I love it!!!! It's so bad though... I want to keep it... hehe. I won't though!!! I need that kiln!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway. I'm in work allllllll day tomorrow but I will try keep updated more than I have been !!!!!!!! TTFN xxx

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