7 April 2009

Only the best weekend ever!!!

Right well firstly, I want to introduce the wonderful tutors on this amazing course I went on this weekend, Ema Kelly (Left) and Sally Carver (Right).

Held at Diana East's Lampwork Studio (which by the way was amazing!) I learnt a load of basic skills in lampworking along with a few tips and tricks... The time went way too fast! I wanted to camp out there over night to make more beads, and read all the beady books which Diana East had there, not to mention the amount of gorgeous glass she had there for us to look at...
Here's me on a Minor Burner Torch making some beads, here at home I have a hot head torch which is great to learn on as it burns at a slightly lower temperature so why it can feel like it can take forever to make a bead on for the pros... it gives the beginner time to actually think!!!!! I loved the Minor Burner though and look forward to upgrading sometime very soon!!!
Here are some heart beads a made... unfortunatly the ivory one broke as it was the last bead I made and we didn't have time to anneal the beads.... I was very sad!!!Here are the beads I made on the weekend course, and a bigger picture of my fave one!!! it has lots of little bubble in though where I have boiled the clear glass (WOOPS!) but I am getting better each time I try this encased floral idea!!!!
Here we all are!!!Here are a few of the displays that they had laid out for inspiration!!!!

It was such an amazing weekend, my plan is to save up to upgrade from mapp gas to propane as it will pay for its self after a couple of uses, mapp gass makes this extremely addictive hobby a rather too expensive one!!! and then I need a kiln!!!!!! Watch this space!!!!!!! :-D

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