3 February 2010

What a great few days off I've had.

Ok, So monday I made these beads and nothing else!!! WOOP

Tuesday... I got up reeeeeeally early to get to Sally's for a lesson at 8am which is 2n a half hours away. We had such a great day bead making, experimenting, chattin! I had such fun!!! :-) Thanks Sally!
I also picked up my new kiln!!!! here is a picture of it in its new home!!! I'm so happy with it!
I tidied up the WHOLE of the room where I make beads so I can find things when I need them... now the real task is to keep in tidy!!!
All my glass all neatly stacked up...
Where I make my beads..

and today was BEAD MAKING DAY!!!! I have made the most beads I have ever made in one day and I haven't even filled this thing up!!! I have made a load of implosion beads and some other beads that I am practicing after my lesson. The crazy thing is, I learn from watching people and not necessarily doing. So for about 3 hours yesterday I asked Sally just to show me her making beads and I can tell today after I have already improved... I am just that bit more confident with actually handling melted glass... I worry way to much so as of today... I DON'T WORRY and IT'S ALL COOL, haha. My kiln has got loads of lovely beads in and I will be able to show you tomorrow... but for now Good Night :-) x

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